Our vision is for Aotearoa to be a place all women are able to live in the fullness of our beings alongside those we love. We are visible, valued and celebrated. 

The Gender Justice Collective is an independent, non-profit network drawn from all walks of life. We are business owners, policymakers, grandmothers, sisters, mums, aunties, mana whenua, tangata whenua, tauiwi, educators, students, workers, nurses, creatives, farmers - you get the picture. 

We want Aotearoa New Zealand to lead the world in gender equity.  But first, we need to know how committed to gender equity our political parties are.

In the lead up to the New Zealand Election, we’re analysing the election manifestos and policies of each of the political parties to ensure that women, womxn, trans women, wāhine and those who walk between the binary worlds concerns, aspirations, opportunities and potential are represented.

We want to ignite a national conversation about issues affecting these groups and move towards ensuring subsequent governments will have our concerns high on their agenda.

To date, there have been two parts to this mahi.

  1. YouChoose2020 - a nationwide survey for women, womxn, wāhine, trans women and those who walk between the binary world to share what they need and want to help achieve this vision.
  2. WeChoose2020 - a matrix designed to rank and measure how well political party policies are supporting gender equity in Election 2020.

Next, we're petitioning for a National Women's Health Strategy to be implemented in Aotearoa. Watch this space!

We use feminism as a shorthand for intersectional feminism: a feminism that is not exclusivity focused on eradicating sexism but one that is invested in dismantling all systemic hierarchies including white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, ableism, heterosexism, transphobia, colonialism and more.

We are committing to working in a collaborative, inclusive way – honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi, being guided by feminism and constantly learning.  

The Gender Justice Collective is supported by the Clare Foundation. 
Clare is a new philanthropic giving and investing foundation. 

The Gender Justice Collective founding members are: 

Jackie Clark, The Aunties

Professor Jennifer Curtin, Director  Public Policy Institute |Te Whare Marea Tātari Kaupapa

Dr Rogena Sterling, Lecturer in Social Policy (University of Waikato), Researcher and Consultant

Qiane Matata-Sipu, Founder NUKU

Sarah Hendrica Bickerton, Public Policy Institute |Te Whare Marea Tātari Kaupapa

V.K.G. Woodman, Public Policy Institute |Te Whare Marea Tātari Kaupapa

Dellwyn Stewart, CEO YWCA

Anna Beard, Advocacy and Insights Manager YWCA 

Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw, Co-founder of The Workshop

Angela Meyer, Co-founder and Director Ace Lady Network and Double Denim.

Meena Kadri, innovation:: culture:: social change 

Ziena Jalil, independent director, strategic consultant, and diversity and inclusion advocate 

Morgana Watson, Director of  MW Consultancy 

Dr. Kaisa Wilson, Advocacy Director YWCA

Joy Walpole, Auckland Branch Chair National Council of Women New Zealand

Raewyn Stone, Conveyor Co-ordinator National Council of Women New Zealand

Tania Domett, Founder and Director Cogo

Amy Pearl, The Weaving House

Tahnee Le Pine, Designer Tootsie and Co. 

Leonie Morris, Manager Auckland Women’s Centre

Erin Jackson, Founder and Director Narrative Campaigns