Gender Justice Collective Te Roopu Manatika-ā-Ira is an independent, non-profit network drawn from all walks of life. We have completed the #YouChoose2020 survey, where we heard from 3,500+ women, wāhine, trans women & non-binary people what they needed to live to their best life. At the same time, we’ve taken some of the recurring issues and themes that we’re hearing, and put those to our political parties. The answers that they provided are below (unabridged). Please note that the invitation was put to all major, registered parties that are not single-issue focus. This is the fourth response, received on the 9th October. 

Answers provided by ACT New Zealand: 

What policies, projects and programmes of work has your party either been responsible for instigation or delivering that specifically improves the lives of wāhine Maori and takatāpui?  
One example was ACT’s sole MP at the time David Seymour worked constructively in Parliament to help pass the Abortion Legislation Act in 2020. As stated at the time, abortion reform in New Zealand was long overdue and this legislation is a crucial step forward for personal freedom in New Zealand. This change is about a woman’s right to choose and personal choice should never be a crime. Abortion should never have been in the Crimes Act.  
What policies, projects and programmes of work has your party either been responsible for instigation or have developed that specifically advance gender equity (including transgender, non-binary and intersex people)?
ACT’s delivery of Partnership Schools greatly expanded the education opportunities for all New Zealanders. These schools provided choice for parents on where to send their children and enroll them in an environment that accommodates their needs. This progressive approach to education was providing excellent education to students until the Labour party got rid of them. We’re proud to have Partnership Schools back in our policy agenda this election.
Please provide examples of when you or those in your party have improved the quality of life for women, trans women, wāhine and nonbinary (those who walk between the binary worlds) and intersex people. Please be specific.
We believe all our policies contribute to improving the quality of life for all New Zealanders during their lives. Similarly we’re proud of ACT’s work this term of Parliament to give New Zealander’s choice at the end of their lives through the End of Life Choice Act. While minor recognition for trans or non-binary people, ACT took steps to remove gender from the original draft of the Bill. Recognising that the Bill’s language consistently referred to him/her, the Bill by design should be unconcerned with gender instead providing safeguards, clarity and security that is inclusive. The final Bill refers to they/them as a means to be as inclusive as possible focusing purely on the policy objective.  
Please list the initiatives your party intends to get done in the next three years to provide to improve to ensure Aotearoa New Zealand is the best place in the world to be a woman, trans women, wāhine and those who walk between the binary worlds (including non-binary and intersex people).
ACT’s policies don’t discriminate, based on gender, sexual orientation, race or otherwise. All of ACT’s policies are underpinned by a belief in economic and individual freedom. Our view is that more of your money should be left in your pocket for you to make decisions with based on your circumstances and how you want to live your life. ACT’s tax policies provide money for people to start a business. Our education policies provide better opportunities for students and options for parents, Most importantly, our plan to restart the economy and manage COVID better would deliver a far more secure and prosperous country for all of us to benefit from.  
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