Candidate make up shows more women represented in the 2020 General Election. 


Aotearoa New Zealand lags behind many European countries in gender mainstreaming. 


Who we have representing us makes a difference, it is important that women, trans women, intersex, wāhine and non-binary people are represented. 


We want Aotearoa New Zealand to lead the world in gender equity. To do that we need to know how committed to gender equity our political parties and candidates are. 


As part of the resources provided by the GJC, we have created a Candidate Spreadsheet. In it we take a closer look at the percentage of women who are running in the 2020 General Election. There is a list of candidates in each electorate, of the major 8 political parties we looked into with our #GenderScoreCard, with links to their social media accounts, contact information and media profiles outlining what they stand for.


We encourage you to take a look and contact your representatives to ask them what their position is on gender equity and issues affecting these groups are. You can also ask them about dismantling all systemic hierarchies including white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, ableism, heterosexism, transphobia, colonialism and more!


Let’s ensure our elected representatives to have our concerns high on their agenda.


At a glance: 


This year’s general election has 73 more women running than in our last election.


There are 677 candidates running in this years election across all Parties.


There are 413 male, 263 female and 1 gender diverse/not specified.


There are 379 Candidates in our top 8 parties. 136 are Women ~ 243 of those are not.


The Māori electorate of Ikaroa-Rāwhiti is the only region to have all-women line-up. 


In our top 8 parties ~ there are no women running in 

  • Dunedin.
  • Hamilton West. 
  • Kaikōura.
  • Palmerston North. 
  • Te Atatū 
  • Waimakariri

Keen for more information?

Here is a link to follow women candidates on twitter.


How committed are NZ's five major political parties to women's representation? Let's look at their party lists. 


Electoral Commission press release


Check out more of our mahi. 


YouChoose2020 - a nationwide survey for women, womxn, wāhine, trans women and those who walk between the binary world to share what they need and want to help achieve this vision.


WeChoose2020 - a scorecard designed to rank and measure how well political party policies are supporting gender equity in Election 2020.


Gender on the Agenda - a series of online Q&A’s and written responses from the major parties. 



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